scio quantum bio-feedback healing


what is scio?

No matter where you are in the world, you can experience the remote healing effects of deep relaxation, stress relief, pain reduction, and quantum healing through a Quantum Bio-feedback SCIO session.

The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is the most advanced system of therapy available in energetic medicine. The SCIO works on the scientific principles discovered and introduced by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. It uses frequencies to scan your body for any underlying stresses and imbalances. Then it sends you specific corrective frequencies to repair those stress factors and bring your body back into balance and optimal health. See Video below for more info!



watch: An overview of Quantum Bio- Feedback

from The Quantum Alliance®

who could benefit from a SCIO session?

Anyone could!! But especially anyone experiencing some form of pain or discomfort or “mystery illness.” The SCIO can help calm the stress and promote healing for any malady. It looks for things that are out of balance and sends out corrective signals.

The quantum SCIO is used for stress detection and reduction. It detects stresses in the physical, mental, and emotional frequencies and send a balancing or a neutralizing frequency to reduce the stress in that area.

The SCIO is able to detect hyper-sensitivities and allergies. It also works on emotional imbalances or trauma, injuries, or spinal imbalances where vertebrae may be out of alignment. It works on meridian and chakra balancing which are similar to acupuncture and reiki. There are dental and TMJ programs, there are programs for pathogens and infection, organ function, hormone imbalances, nutritional imbalances, and the list goes on and on. It also works great on children and has shown amazing results with children with ADD, ADHD, and autism as well as teens and adults with anxiety and depression.

where do I go for a session?

You can receive a session in office in Studio City OR remotely in the comfort of your own home. The SCIO does not have to be in the same room you are in to find you, scan you, and work with you. All you need to do is be comfortable and restful or even sleeping. Many people nap, meditate, or do a session at night when they go to bed.

how does it work remotely?

The SCIO is Quantum and although it is highly perceptive it does not perceive distance between itself and the client being scanned. While we are all made up of the same stuff none of us are exactly the same. Based on your birthday, birthday time, and birthplace the SCIO can find your absolutely unique and individual frequency. Your frequency is like your thumbprint. No two are the same!

What is happening during a session?

When we begin the session the SCIO will first find you and calibrate with you. It’s like an energetic handshake! During that calibration it will also clear your home and space of any energetic stressors so that you can relax and receive the frequencies. Next it will send about 12,000 frequencies at your body to see how you resonate with each frequency. Based on your stress level above a baseline with those frequencies the SCIO will give me a readout as to what is most stressed in your body. For the remainder of the session the Scio and I will send you balancing frequencies for any troubled areas. The work is subtle but affective in calming and healing those troubled areas in your body and mind and spirit!

So the SCIO can diagnose what ails me?

So here’s the legal disclaimer: Quantum biofeedback does not diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any specific disease or condition. Please consult your preferred healthcare provider when making wellness choices. Biofeedback therapists are not doctors, we are practitioners. We do not diagnose, we analyze information. We do not treat, we assist in normalizing energetic imbalances. We do not prescribe, we offer options to alleviate conditions. And lastly, We do not cure, we facilitate in normalizing a condition. That being said I will personally say, that the information you get in a SCIO session COULD help you guide your doctors for what to look for diagnostically! I have used it that way and surprised my doctors with “knowing things” before they tested me. Then through biofeedback I was able to calm the stress in the troubled area without needed drugs or other medical treatment. That’s my story though! Please (officially) refer to the disclaimers above.


Each session is two hours. Committing to a package of six is highly recommended. You'll see more significant and lasting healing results while also saving money.

2 hour SCIO session - $197

4 hour Session - $350

Package of (6) 2 hour sessions - $997



Jenny Karns is a highly intuitive healer in her own right. So I jumped at the chance at experiencing a SCIO session, knowing that this fascinating tool would be even more powerful ‘in her hands.’ During my 90 minute session with Jenny, I not only entered a profound state of relaxation, but was blown away by the amount of detailed, rich and essential information that the SCIO machine was able to pick up… from so far away! I left our session feeling rejuvenated, and blessed with extremely concrete (and encouraging) guidance for how I can improve my health, heal old wounds and enliven my spirit. Thank you, Jenny, for continuing to be a healing pioneer on our planet!
— Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.
Highly recommend this service. Amazing to feel the energy move as well as experience visualizations depending on the program running. It’s remarkable that this can be done remotely, too, so you can benefit from this service in the comfort of your home. I love how Jenny sends you notes afterwards. Two thumbs up!
— Joy O.