decode the unique person that is YOU!


about human design

Human design is a combination of I Ching, Kabbalah, astrology, quantum physics, and the chakra system. Based on your exact birth time and place, a chart is pulled that helps decode and understand the unique person that is YOU! Human design helps you understand your own special ways of moving through the world, your gifts, how you process and make decisions, what things about you are qualities you can always count on, and in what ways you might be more open and vulnerable to influences outside yourself. 

Jenny has studied human design for the last 10 years and finds that knowing one’s unique design is a powerful key to healing and empowerment. Personal readings, couples readings, and group classes available over the phone (anywhere in the world!) or in person in the Los Angeles.


Watch: An introduction to human design by Jovian Archive®


90 minute Individual Reading - $175

Understand your unique human design and what makes you uniquely YOU is incredibly empowering! Learn what qualities you can always count on within yourself and in what ways you might be more open to the energies of others. Find out what special and unique gifts and talents you are here to develop and gain insights into your life's purpose and what you came to the planet to do! 

90 minute relationship Reading - $250

When two people come together in any kind of relationship they affect each other and through looking at their combined Human Design charts we can see exactly how. These sessions can be done with biz partners, love partners, children and parents, or friends! A relationship reading takes a deep look at what energies you each bring to the relationship, where you different and where you are alike, and most beautifully, what special and unique qualities you create together as a team. Clients rave about this session! It's a great way to understand your partner, child, parent, or friend and get a better idea why your souls came together and what new amazing thing wants to come forth into the world through your connection!

human design workshops with jenny karns

Step in to a more on purpose life with a group of your friends, family, or colleagues! One of the most interesting things about human design is how we affect each other. Gather a group of other wonderful humans together for a workshop at your office, home, or a restaurant/coffee shop near you and Jenny will come teach an intro to human design class to your group! Jenny is also happy to host your group at her home in Studio City. If you get at least 4 other participants, your spot is free! Classes are $45 per person and everyone leaves with a copy of their life path description, a copy of their own unique human design chart, and a better understanding of how to read it and understand themselves better.