“It’s My Prayer to be Aware.”

This is something my mom said yesterday as we we talking about living in community and I loved this as the intention for this week. How can we be aware and support others when they are in need? And how can we also reach out when we need support?

Part of living in community is doing that delicate and important juggling act between self care and caring for others. Its the dynamic dance between giving and receiving. It requires taking action and also trusting that others will help when we are weak.

 The other day I had to do some medical tests which required blood work. Having my blood taken is terrifying to me. I work every day doing healing and massage work. Bodies don’t freak me out at ALL but when you cut ’em open or prick ’em I get weak. The woman taking my blood was so sweet and kind. She distracted me with stories of her grandchildren and promised me everything would be okay. She made that 30 seconds of terror bearable and actually sorta lovely. I left holding my arm and feeling both proud and accomplished as well as connected and cared for.

 At the downstairs exit a woman in a wheelchair with a newly caste leg was struggling with the door. I ran up to help her open it but she got it open just as I got there. So instead of helping her I cheered her on and told her what an amazing feat I had just seen her perform! She laughed and we both wished each other a great day. Community. These are just two of the people who are in my community that I just happened to brush up against on one both regular and magical day.

 It is my prayer to be aware.

 What are ways that you can be aware of your surroundings and community this week and lend a helping hand or a friendly smile? Or is it YOU that is feeling a need? Is it time to reach out for help?

In the Hopi tradition they say that there is no poison in nature without an antidote within 10 feet. You might need to look for it but it’s close. This week, trust your community. And realize that maybe YOU are the antidote for someone else.

To your unlimited possibilities this week and all~ways!

 ~Jenny Karns

 P.S. Community broken down could also read as “Come Unity.” Remembering that we are all one, all connected, helps us also remember that the giving and receiving are one in the same.


Ready to Make a Difference in the World?

During the summer of 2012 I read the book “A Thousand Sisters” by Lisa Shannon. At the time I was extraordinarily hungry to give my gifts and talents to the world in a bigger way and was incredibly inspired by Lisa’s story.

In the book, Lisa shares about her journey to the Congo to support women. At one of her stops, she engaged in a dialogue with a group of women who had all experienced repeated and ongoing acts of violence and rape. Unsure that there was anything she could say to them, she begins to tell her own story about running a marathon with a group of American women who had all been violated in one way or another. They ran to raise money for these very women in front of her. A Congolese woman in the group stopped her story at this point and said, “Now what can we do to improve so that we can support other women too?”

I found this so beautiful. Despite their horrible circumstances these women of the Congo had a desire to heal, thrive, and help others as well. I also found it powerful that even though Lisa didn’t know what to say, she began anyway. She started to tell a story and the story invited an inquiry that revealed a message about the nature of us all. We are each fighting a battle that others know nothing about. Beginning a dialogue is healing in itself. Energy moves and healing can happen. The key is just showing up in willingness and trusting that you are enough, in every moment and in and every circumstance. We are each enough.

Let’s Bring it down to Earth… We are all such huge souls pressed down into these tiny yet magnificent bodies and destined to live out our mission and destiny in this life. Knowing this can seem daunting and paralyzing! Activating the flow of giving in your own life could lead you to your purpose. If you are feeling paralyzed or worried that you don’t have enough to give just remember that you are enough, just as you are, and you will be supported if you allow it. By activating the flow of giving you jump into the river of life and if you believe that life is for you (which is is!) then life will carry you one gift at a time to that perfect destiny.

Take it to the streets today… Activating the flow of giving is as easy as a kind word, a smile, a warm hello, or even a prayer or wish for the well being of another. Everyone has something to give right where they are. Look around. Do you have a hardship that you have survived? Perhaps you have a gift to give others going through a similar hardship. Whatever the case, share your gifts! Start where you are and see the magic unfold.

Sending up prayers of blessings and abundance for you each!

~Jenny Karns